How can I order Arki products?

You can order online or call and order by phone. For the first option, go to the Product Catalog, select the products you wish to purchase. Then, proceed to Checkout where you will be able to provide your contact information. For the second option, please call our store phone numbers and place your order with one of our clerks.


How do I receive my order?

You will be able to pick up your order from our store location (Nifas Silk Lafto). We do not currently offer delivery but we are working on developing this service.


How will I know if my order went through?

You will receive an order confirmation to the email address you provided. In addition, you will be given the option to receive a confirmation message by phone.


How long will it take for my order to be ready?

Your order will be ready within 48 hours after you have received your email confirmation.


What payment methods do you offer?

We accept cash payment upon your arrival to pick up the products you ordered by phone or online. We do not currently accept debit cards but we’re working on this.


What to do if I receive the wrong product?

Please bring a copy of your confirmation email or receipt and show this to the clerk at the store. We will fix any mistake on our end accordingly.


How do I order a product or many products in large volumes?

Please call +251.931.579.277 or +251.931579277 for more information.


Do you ship internationally?

We unfortunately do not ship retail outside of Ethiopia. If you are interested in buying wholesale, please send an email to export@arkiagro.com.

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